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Progressive Lenses

progressive diagramReferred to as “no-line” bifocals or trifocals, progressive glasses are ideal for patients who have presbyopia —a vision condition marked by a decrease in the ability to focus sharply on nearby objects.

As we age naturally, our ability to see nearby objects and objects in the distance can decrease. Progressive lenses address separate visual needs in one lens—usually with a “distance viewing” field build into the upper portion of the lens, and a “near vision” field built into the lower portion.

Unlike traditional bifocals or trifocals, there are no visible lines separating the different fields of a progressive lens. Your eyes are seen clearly behind the progressive eyeglasses, you’ve got the same “look” as eyeglass wearers often half your age, and there are no “lens lines” to distract your vision.

Watch a short video about Progressive Lenses:

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Reading Eye Associates Freeform Technology Progressive lenses are superior to traditional progressives and bring many benefits to the patient. Our Freeform Progressive lenses are manufactured using freeform technology with digital generators that places the complete progressive design and the RX (including the add power) on the back of the lens closer to the eye. This type of digital pinpoint manufacturing cuts the lenses in 100’s of a diopter and not in 10th of a diopter thus creating a lens that is ten times more precise than a traditional progressive.

By placing the entire RX closer to the eye the field of view is wider and is increased by at least 30% over traditional progressives. The patient is also able to see more clearly as the powers are closer to the eye. The swim and sway effect and peripheral distortions experienced by many traditional progressives are virtually eliminated by our Freeform Lenses. The patient is able to adapt to the lens almost immediately and generally experiences a WOW effect as clarity of view is also increased by at least 20%.

By placing the entire RX and design including the add power on the back of the lens our Freeform Lenses aspherically compensate for each RX. Not only are the cosmetic for each RX. Not only are cosmetic improved but Reading Eye Associates Freeform Lenses, UNLIKE TRADITIONAL PROGRESSIVES, ARE CUSTOMIZED PRECISELY FOR EACH WEARER’S UNIQUE PRESCIPTION. It is similar to buying a tailor made suit versus one that is available over the racks or it is similar to watching HD-TV versus analog TV.